this hassle forever. It is a very low cost circuit using only few parts and can be built in an hour.

It will automatically disconnect your car headlights from the battery when the ignition switch is turned off and connects them when the ignition switch is turned on. So there is no problem if you forgot to turn off your headlights.

The three points shown in the circuit should be properly connected with the dashboard lights, accessory power and chassis of your vehicle and the car headlights should be connected through the relay used in this circuit. For best results place the circuit in a small box and sealed it nicely to make it water proof.

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Some times we forget to switch off our car or vehicle headlights that deep discharges the vehicle battery and till we come back we realize that it's too late because the car do not start when the battery is empty. The circuit shown here is very useful and it will solve this problem very easily and save you from

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Automatic Car Headlights Circuit Diagram