4.5AH battery that will store a quite good amount off power so you can use this power for charging and powering your variety of devices.

When the battery will become fully charged the circuit will automatically disconnect it with the dynamo and switches ON the LED2 that shows the indication of battery full charged. Due to this automatic function your battery will not overcharge and works for a long time. In the night time the circuit automatically switches the dynamo to the 12V 6W LED.

The circuit requires some adjustments for the first time for this purpose you require a variable power supply. After building the circuit first of all remove the dynamo supply with its 4 diodes which from D1-D4 and connect a 12V power supply DC with the circuit. Now cover the LDR with a black solution tape and adjust the 50K variable resistor until the 6W LED switches ON. Now remove the 6V 4.5AH battery from the circuit and set 7.3V in the variable power supply and connect it in the place of the 6V 4.5AH battery and adjust the 100K variable resistor until the LED2 goes ON. 

After these adjustments remove the black solution tape from the LDR and connect the dynamo with the circuit and also the 6V 4.5AH battery. For best results fix the circuit in a suitable enclosure and enclose the LDR in a small tube attached with the enclosure so the LDR only receive the day light and not the light of other vehicles and street lights.

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Here is a very interesting and useful project of an automatic bicycle dynamo headlight and battery charger circuit. The circuit works totally automatic, in the day time the circuit will switch off the LED and automatically connect the dynamo with the charger circuit so while you are on your ride it charges the 6V
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Automatic Bicycle Dynamo Headlight & Battery Charger Circuit Diagram