Audio Circuits

Simple Mic Amplifier

This is a simple mic amplifier circuit which is using two stages first a mic preamplifier circuit stage and second a audio amplifier circuit stage...

Simple Transistor Audio Amplifier

We often feel the requirements of a simple transistor audio amplifier circuit or simple audio amplifier schematic which can boost audio a little. So here is a audio amplifier diagram which can...

Mic Beep Generator

This is a very interesting and useful circuit. You can use it for many purposes like when you require continues beep. When you want to test an audio frequency system you can use an audio generator but how do you test your microphone? Saying "mic testing, hello test, hello check" gets very tiring.

1.3 Watt Audio Amplifier

Many times we want a circuit which will fit in less space and run from low power so this is a circuit of your choice there are many circuits of 1watt audio amplifiers which use ICs in there circuits but this circuit use only four transistors to make a good and useful out put power of more then 1.3 watt.

Audio Preamplifier

Now day's audio signal preamp is used in many electronic devices. There are many types of audio preamp circuits from simple to complicated big circuits. Here we are showing you a very good design of a small circuit of signal preamplifier.

Audio Preamplifier (Two Transistors)

This circuit can be use for mic or any input for increasing audio of weak signals. The preamplifier discussed previously was using one transistor for amplifying mic signals but this circuit is using two transistors to further increasing the gain. The transistor shown in this circuit are making stabilized amplifier.

Microphone Amplifier

Below is a circuit diagram of a device which can hear faint sounds and those sounds which any normal microphone can not hear. This is a very useful circuit and one can use this circuit for many tasks this circuit can be used as a hearing aid....

Loud Hailer

This is a simple and useful project of loudhailer the circuit uses only one transistor connected with transformer which puts out a loud sound. The circuit can be easily fixed in a metal package with the speaker mounted on the top...

Speaker Microphone

This is a very useful and versatile circuit. In many circuits a speaker is used as a microphone for example in intercoms, one ways telephones or as an emergency microphone in these types of circuits speaker...

Simple Audio Limiter

Audio limiter is use to limit the audio signal to a desired value. In many audio devices we feel the need of audio limiter. Listening a radio and searching for stations on the radio dial provide fun but on short wave band not every signal is equal...

555 Audio Amplifier

In this circuit the NE555 IC is working as an audio amplifier. The circuit is very easy to build using few components. BC 549 is a general...

Door Bell Circuit

Here is a very simple project of a door bell circuit. The heart of the circuit is UM66 melody IC which is a great and very famous...

Single Transistor Amplifier

The circuit mentioned here is a single transistor amplifier. This type of transistor circuit is mostly...

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