Pulse3 and Pulse4. The ON and OFF timing of each pulse can be adjusted separately with each 5M variable resistor. Like Pulse1 ON time can be adjusted with VR1 and OFF timing can be adjusted with VR2. Pulse2 ON time can be adjusted with VR3 and OFF timing with VR4. The same process will be applied with the Pulse3 and Pulse4 with their variable resistors from VR5 to VR8. The ON and OFF timing of the pulses can be further increase or decrease with the capacitors C1 to C4. For more separate pulses you can increase the number of NE556 ICs with same circuit. The operating voltage of the circuit is 5V to 16V DC. All the diodes from D1 to D8 are 1N4148.

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This adjustable timing pulse generator circuit can provide four different positive pulses, which will repeat with different time frequencies and width. The circuit is using 8 variable resistors from which you can adjust the ON and OFF time period of each pulse. There are four outputs of the circuit marked Pulse1, Pulse2,

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Adjustable Timing Pulses Generator Circuit