devices can be used to perform many voltage stabilization and drop out tasks in wide variety of applications. The internal circuitry is consist of many built in features which ensures the long term performance and stability. Few of the built in features are short circuit current limitation, able to source 1 ampere output current with voltage difference of only 0.5V, reverse battery polarity protection etc.

These ICs are available with many different output voltages. The circuit shown here is using a 9V version of that IC. The circuit is very simple and using only two filter capacitors at the input and output of the IC. The project is also using a 12V 2ampere plug pack at the input but one can also use a 12V / 2A power supply as required. While operating the IC will dissipate some heat, therefore a suitable heatsink will be required.

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Here is the project of a simple 9V regulated power supply using LM2940CT-9.0 IC. LM2940CT-9.0 is an IC of positive low dropout voltage regulators series available in TO-220 transistor package, metal can package and surface mount package. These highly reliable and cost effective voltage regulator
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9V Regulated Power Supply using LM2940CT-9.0 IC