adjusted to switch off on the desired voltage. For example if LED1 is adjusted to go off on 12.55V then LED2 should be adjusted to switch off on 12.5V and LED3 should be off on 12.45V.

The circuit can be adjusted to work with any voltage batteries from 4.5V to 24V. Adjusting it for a desired voltage require an adjustable power supply. You can use any types of adjustable power supply; you can also use any LM317 adjustable power supply shown in our power supply circuit's section. The adjusting procedure of the circuit can be seen on this page: 4 LED Battery Monitor Using Two LM358 ICs
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This is a project of a low cost 8 LED battery monitor using LM324 IC. The circuit can be used to monitor different voltages and kinds of batteries. It is using two LM324 quad operational amplifier ICs, each IC contains four separate operational amplifiers. The circuit also contains 8 LEDs & each LED is
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8 LED Battery Monitor Using LM324