packed with many built in features like over heat protection, short circuit protection etc.
The circuit is using a 230V AC OR 110V AC to 9V-0-9V step down center tapped transformer to step down the mains voltages. Four 1N4001 diodes are used for rectification of the AC voltage to DC. A 2200uF / 25V electrolytic capacitor is used the filter the voltage coming from the diodes and other capacitors are used for decoupling.
The output of this dual power supply circuit is upto 1.5A. Therefore you can use this power supply with any project, which require current under 1.5A.  

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Many projects in electronics require dual power supplies. The figure below shows a project / schematic of a 5V dual power supply using 7805 and 7905 voltage regulator ICs. The LM7805 is a positive voltage regulator IC while the LM7905 is a negative voltage regulator IC. Both the ICs are

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5V Dual Power Supply Circuit Diagram