adjustable version.

This project is built around a 5V version that is LM1117-5V, the input voltage can be any from 6.2V to 20V DC with minimum 1A output current. The minimum voltage on which the IC can deliver accurate 5V output with 800mA is 6.2V, the IC will dissipate heat during operation therefore a suitable heatsink will be required. This version can also be replaced with other version of LM1117 which are LM1117-1.8, LM1117-2.5, LM1117-2.85 etc.
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Here is a project of a simple 5V 800mA power supply using LM1117 IC, LM1117 is a voltage regulator IC with built in features like over heat protection, able to drive 0.8A output current load, load & line regulation etc. The IC is available in many different fixed voltage versions and also in
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5V 800mA Power Supply Using LM1117