24V Or 12V to 10V converter using LM7810. LM7810 is a voltage regulator IC, it is an IC of LM78xx series, this series contains fixed output voltage integrated circuits, all the ICs in this series perform step down DC to DC converter tasks. LM78xx series integrated circuits comes in different


fixed outputs which can be idendified by the last two numbers written after LM78. For example LM7806 IC provides fixed 6V output, LM7808 is made for fixed 8V output and LM7812 outputs 12V DC. The circuit shown below will provide fixed output of 10V DC. The input can be any from 12V to 24V DC you can also use voltage higher than 24 volts because the IC supports max 35 volt input but the voltage difference will chage in to heat dissipation from the IC so big heat sink will be required for voltages above 24 volts. 


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24V Or 12V To 10V Converter Using LM7810 IC
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