The figure below shows a project / schematic of a 24V 5A power supply circuit using LM7824 voltage regulator IC and TIP2955 transistor. This is an ideal circuit to use where you have requirements of 24V with high current. The circuit will provide very stable output voltage and it is also very reliable due to the built in
features of the LM7824 IC like short circuit protection, thermal shutdown etc.

The AC 230V to 24V transformer steps down the mains voltage. This voltage is then rectified by the 10 ampere diode bridge. The 2200uF 50V capacitor is used to filter the voltage and other capacitors are used for decoupling. The LM7824 is a positive voltage regulator IC it provides regulated 24V DC output, the output current of that IC is not more than 1.5 ampere therefore a TIP2955 transistor is used to amplify the output current to 5A. Use suitable heat sinks with the IC and transistor.  

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24V 5A Power Supply Circuit Diagram