Here is the circuit of a 1W mini stereo amplifier using TDA2822M IC. We often feel the requirements of headphone amplifier circuit for amplifying our small audio devices like MP3 players, walkmans, cell phones etc. to enjoy the songs without headphones or a little loud. The amplifier circuit shown here

is an ideal circuit to use for these purposes and also provide a good quality stereo sound.
The output of the circuit is upto 1W which is enough for driving small speakers. The heart of the circuit is a TDA2822M IC, which is a small 8 pin dip IC you can easily get. The IC is packed with lots of good features like low crossover distortion, minimum supply voltage is only 1.8V, this is such a fantastic feature due to which this IC is ideal if you want to operate it with batteries. The quiescent drain current is only 6 mA to 9 mA which is also a plus point for operating with batteries.
Moreover you can also use this IC as an effective amplifier with all your DIY audio circuits you build like for example bell circuit, buzzer circuit, radio circuit, melody circuit etc. The maximum input voltage of this IC is 15V DC, therefore do not apply more than 15V to the IC. Volume of the circuit can be adjusted with the help of 50K potentiometer used in the circuit.

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1W Mini Stereo Amplifier Using TDA2822M