in the projects where higher current is required.

The LM1084 also contains same features like LM1085 which are over heat protection, limiting of current etc. and same pin configuration as LM1085, LM317 & LM338.

The minimum input voltage required is 17V and 5A to achieve 15V 5A at the output of the IC and a heat sink should be used with the IC. The max input voltage of the IC is 29V DC, therefore it should not be increased than 29V to get the stable performance of the IC. The output voltage can be adjusted with the 5K variable resistor, you can also use 5K pot in the place of variable resistor.  

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This is an another 1.2V to 15V adjustable regulated power supply using LM1084-Adj IC, in a previous topic we have shown an adjustable power supply circuit that used LM1085 ADJ version, LM1085 max output current is 3A, but LM1084 can provide 5A output therefore it can be used
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1.2V To 15V 5A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Using LM1084-ADJ