The chip is available in several different starting part numbers with same ending number that is 567, for example it is available as NE567, KIA567, LM567 etc. However, internal circuitry of all are same. The internal circuitry of the IC is designed to lock on a specific tone or frequency and whenever the same frequency signal is detected at its input the output goes low. The output can be used to drive a load around 100mA, hence relay switches can be derived directly from the output pin of the IC. A specific required frequency can be selected by adjusting the 50K variable resistor.  The output can also fed to a microcontroller or a digital circuit for further processing. The minimum and maximum voltage to operate the IC is 4.75V to 9V DC. 

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The project shown here is using a simple tone decoder circuit that can be used in variety of electronic applications to detect a specific tone & frequency from 0.01 to 500kHz. The main component of the circuit is a LM567 IC, LM567 is a highly stable tone and frequency decoder IC.
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0.01Hz To 500kHz Adjustable Tone & Frequency Decoder Using LM567